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5 January
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Hey there! Just a laid back lion who is really a fox! I enjoy meeting new furs (people)! I can never have enough friends!

I am an electrician by trade. I own my own business: Muller Lighting. I am currently enrolled in the ABC (an electrical apprenticeship program). I am working towards being a licensed master electrician. I have excellent references for those of you looking for electrical work. I have been doing electrical for 19 years.

I am also a certified bar tender for those of you that need a bar tender for a party/gathering/wedding/etc.

I am now building fursuits. I have a couple of commissions now. Yay! My new fursuit building company is called: Pacific Fursuits. I'm sure that most of you have seen the toony lion fursuit I built. I did have help in the beginning with my head thanks to Luphinus and Chairo! The rest I did myself. I sew everything except the zippers by hand. I hate seeing visible seams. I like a clean, well-tailored look!

I am the Co-Organizer of The Bay Area Furries Meetup Group on meetup.com (http://www.meetup.com/SFBayAreaFurs/) where popular events like: Frolic, Fremont Furbowl, miniature golf, etc. are posted. We now have: 449 members! And growing!!!